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Subrogation Insurance Claims

Not only does Casalinova have one of the Highest Subrogation Recovery Rates in the Nation, but they have also recovered MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for their clients through the years. With over 30 Years of Subrogation Recovery Experience, you are guaranteed to get our certified investigators for the Most Cost Effective Rates in the industry. Contact Casalinova today to Submit Your Assignment and get help with your Subrogation Recovery today!

Subrogate: The right for an insurer to legally pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured. This can be done by recovering the amount of the claim paid by the insurance carrier to the insured for the loss.

When something bad occurs, the first thing we all ask is, "why did this happen?" and "who is responsible?" Casalinova Investigations, Inc is here to find the answers for you. If you truly did not cause the fire and the fault does lie on a third party, you may want to file subrogation insurance claims. At Casalinova Investigations, Inc we will help you provide the determining factual evidence you will need.

Our Investigators are trained in identifying not only the origin and cause of fire, or water loss, but also can identify possible liability. When your insurer contacts you about your subrogation claim recovery it's important that you have all the facts and answers. We can conduct on scene evidence examinations, as well as collect and secure evidence without spoliation. Then we can conduct a joint evidence exam for non destructive or destructive examinations at our state of the art laboratory.

We have overseen many joint evidence exams that have saved our clients money by identifying possible subrogation. Subrogation insurance claims with regard to a fire is a way to recover your loses. Whether it involves workmanship, product liability, product design or failure to warn or any other instance, we will determine the cause and provide you the complete details.

When choosing a fire expert it is pertinent to have up to date licensure, certifications, training and experience in subrogation insurance claims, especially in subrogation claims recovery. At Casalinova we are prompt, hold the expertise and are knowledgeable with the NFPA 921 and the NFPA 1033.

Whats is NFPA 921, NFPA 1033?

These are guides to fire and explosion investigations. They outline the practices of fire investigations approved by the National Fire Protection Agency. You want someone who can get the job done and do it by the book, our fire experts are on standby in your state right now.

NFPA 921

“... the foremost guide for rendering accurate opinions as to incident origin, cause, responsibility, and prevention.”

NFPA 1033

“NFPA 1033 facilitates safe, accurate investigations by specifying the job performance requirements (JPRs) necessary to perform as a fire investigator in both the private and public sectors.”


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