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Commercial Fire Investigation

In 2015, the NFPA collected data that there were just over 113,000 non-residential fires that occurred. This caused 80 deaths and over three billion dollars of damage. Casalinova Investigations, Inc is prepared to answer the call to determine the commercial fire origin and cause.

Three Reasons To Look At Commercial Fires Differently

Construction of the Building: Most non-residential buildings are filled with wide-open spaces for either people, merchandise or offices. With these open spaces, they differ greatly from homes. Residential homes are more broken up and compartmentalized and at least some fire protection for the ceiling support members in the form of the drywall. Compare that to a commercial building's open area fires have the potential to grow much larger and much faster in a non-residential building.

Concealed Fire: A major difference between residential and commercial structures is that moderate or large commercial structures can conceal a large fire without showing the classic indications of a working fire. In a residential fire, smoke will billow and fill up the rooms. While in a commercial/non-residential building the open space can hide the sight of smoke and the fire itself.

Ventilation: Another significant difference between residential and commercial structures is the ease at which we can ventilate the two different buildings. Normally, the doors in a commercial building are only at the entrance. Normally they are close together. They are typically located in a single area. As for ventilation, even the most well staffed fire departments will find it a challenge to cut holes large enough or fast enough to keep up with the volume of smoke produced by a significant working fire in a commercial structure.

At Casalinova Investigations, Inc., your fire experts, we serve private businesses, manufacturers, insurance and adjusting companies, individuals, law firms, and attorneys. No matter if your project is big and complex or small and simple, we have the top fire experts ready to help you. Our fire investigators are ready to take your call, night or day. Our phone lines are open 24 hours! We’ve investigated numerous commercial structure fires throughout the nation. If you need to get more information about arson investigations, on scene evidence examinations, expert witnesses and everything in between, let us know, that’s exactly what we’re here for.


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