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Chimney Safety Inspection

When is the last time that you had your chimney safety inspection? These inspections help to keep you safe and your chimney performing efficiently.

Did you know that when a wood fire burns, it releases unburned gases? These gases stick to the walls of the chimney or flue tile and can form a black gunk called creosote. Creosote becomes dangerous when allowed to accumulate in the chimney where it becomes a fuel source for a potential chimney fire. It is imperative that you have your chimney examined! Creosote is also known to be a carcinogen.

Things to know about creosote:

  • mixture of hundreds of chemicals.
  • thick and oily liquid.
  • easily set on fire.
  • color is usually amber to black.
  • most common product utilized to preserve wood in United States.
  • also a pesticide.

When creosote builds up in the chimney it is easy for it to catch on fire, which can result in a house fire. Excessive creosote, over 1⁄8 inch can ignite in the flue and send flames shooting out the top of the chimney, which can cause the home to catch on fire.

Other reasons to check have your chimney inspected by our fire experts at Casalinova Investigations, Inc:

  • Cracks in your chimney.
  • Gaps in the flume tiles
  • Spalling (when flume starts to crack and fall off after years of erosion.)

These factors may lead to potential fire hazards down the road. It’s all dependent on how often you use your chimney, but the rule of thumb is the chimney needs inspected once every year. Additionally you also may want to have it inspected as soon as possible after storms due to lightning strikes and the like.

Our inspectors are here to make sure these risks can be avoided. Taking preemptive steps is always a good idea when you have a chimney attached to your home. You can count on us to handle your chimney inspection in Cleveland and other parts of Ohio and the entire United States.


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